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Deep Thinking for Deep Learning, 02 November 2020


When you work with Illumien Asia, you have a partner that shares your passion for student success. We focus on your highest-priority needs, collaborating closely with you to achieve success on professional learning assignments, district-wide instructional initiatives or total school improvement. Our combination of people, rigorous processes and data-driven accountability offers an integrated system that empowers you to impact teacher effectiveness, close student achievement gaps, create a culture of continuous improvement and assure that the next generation is ready to meet the world.

Upcoming Workshops
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Presented by: Ms Lane Clark

Learning Consultant and Pedagogy Expert, Canada


Deep Thinking for Deep Learning

Date: 02 November 2020, Mon

Time: 8.30am to 12.30pm SGT (GMT +8)

Delivery Mode: Live Webinar via Zoom

Learning How to Learn - Towards a 'Knowledge Building' Pedagogy

Date: 04 November 2020, Wed

Time: 8.30am to 12.30pm SGT (GMT +8)

Delivery Mode: Live Webinar via Zoom

Presented by: Mr James Nottingham

Founder of Challenging Learning/ Creator of The Learning Pit, UK

Guiding Students Through the Learning Pit

Date: TBC

Seven Steps to Maximising the Impact of Feedback

Date: TBC

Using Growth Mindset to Enhance Students'
Learning Focus

Date: TBC

Deepening Learning by Enhancing Classroom Talk

Date: TBC


Co-presented by: Dr Susan Drake & Dr Joanne Reid

Professor, Faculty of Education, Brock University, Ontario, Canada

Creating a New Story to Live by using a
Transdisciplinary Narrative Curriculum

Date: 16 March 2021

Using the Story Model to guide Personal,
Professional, and Organizational Change

Date: 17 March 2021

Presented by: Dr Peter DeWitt

School Leadership Coach/ Former School Principal, US

Collaborative Leadership: 6 Influences That Matter Most

Date: 25 May 2021, Tue

Instructional Leadership: Creating Practice From Theory

Date: 26 May 2021, Wed

Coach It Further: Using the Art of Coaching to Improve
School Leadership

Date: 27 May 2021, Thu

School Climate: Leading with Collective Efficacy

Date: 28 May 2021, Fri

"Simply the best professional learning that I’ve attended in my 40 year career!  Profound, inspiring and practical."

Michael W., Principal. VIC

"Lane's workshop was one of the most inspirational PD workshops I have attended for a long time…I can't wait to begin implementing the strategies that I learnt about today."

Cathy J., Head of Department, High School, NSW

"Another great session providing a real insight into the things we need to know and act upon in our teaching. Lane is such an engaging presenter who is a real master of her content."

David P., Principal,

Academy of Singapore Teachers, Singapore

"James Nottingham is one of the most talked about names in school development in the world today. His main message is focused on the development of pupils, not their achievement."

Education World 2014

"If you want an inquisitive and enthusiastic learning environment in the classroom and if you want to enhance your students' self-esteem, then you should read Encouraging Learning. It gives you practical tips on how you can get just that by focusing on concepts such as self-esteem, feedback and reflection."

All Skolvärden (Teacher Magazine) 2013

"Challenging Learning is the best company in Scandinavia to work with if you really want to understand how to make the most of my Visible Learning research."

Prof John Hattie, University of Melbourne

"Collaborative Leadership brings together the essence of how leaders maximize impact. DeWitt unpacks Hattie’s six leadership keys, adds his own considerable insights and makes the whole phenomenon of efficacious leadership come alive with vignettes, and ‘meet, model, and motivate’ ideas in each chapter. Above all, he makes it personal. Be a better leader, he urges, and then shows the way."

Michael Fullan

"Peter DeWitt is one of the brightest minds in education.  His insights are relevant and current. There is no one I would rather read in the field of education today."

Todd Whitaker

"Peter is among the best communicators. See his Ed Week blog for evidence of this."

John Hattie


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