Workshops by Rachel French and Carla Marschall

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Hello there, I’m Rachel French. I’m an Erickson and Lanning Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction (CBCI) Certified Trainer, experienced educator and curriculum coordinator, and best-selling author. 


As Director of Professional Learning International, I work with teachers and school leaders around the world, helping them implement a Concept-Based Inquiry approach to support their students in building confidence and developing transferable understanding. I hold a Masters of Education in Leadership & Management from Bath University.

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And, I’m Carla Marschall. I am also an Erickson and Lanning CBCI Certified Trainer, experienced in curriculum development and implementation for Pre–K to Grade 12. 

I have worked in a variety of curriculum leadership roles in IB schools in Switzerland, Germany, and Hong Kong, and am currently the Director of Teaching & Learning at UWC South East Asia in Singapore.


I facilitate workshops internationally and work directly with schools interested in bringing Concept-Based Inquiry into the classroom. I hold master's degrees in Elementary Education and Applied Educational Leadership & Management from Teachers College, Columbia University and the Institute of Education at the University of London.

Our Story


We met in 2012 at the Erickson and Lanning CBCI Trainer Certification Institute, where we instantly connected over our excitement about the powerful potential of a Concept-Based approach to engage students and honor their intellect as thinkers capable of making meaning. 


At the time, we were both working as curriculum coordinators, and we continued to meet up at conferences each year. At one of these conferences, we were sitting together chatting about how so many dedicated and passionate teachers are unsure about how to translate Concept-Based unit design into Concept-Based lessons and a cohesive unit of inquiry that balances curriculum demands with student agency.


We decided to take action...


This collaboration led to the development of the Concept-Based Inquiry Model (French & Marschall, 2016), followed by the publication of our book, Concept-Based Inquiry in Action: Strategies to Promote Transferable Understanding (Marschall & French, 2018). 


Now, after eight years of research, observation, trialing strategies, and collaboration with teachers around the world, we have designed a course that guides teachers to bring Concept-Based Inquiry to life and realize its full potential!

Concept-Based Inquiry in Action 
(8-Week Online Course)

Course Period: Week of 09 Sep to 03 Nov 2022

Group Coaching Sessions: Every Thursday, 8:30am to 9:30am SGT (GMT+8hr)

Venue: Online Course Portal & Zoom


Concept-Based Inquiry is an approach that integrates teacher scaffolding and student agency into an effective model that empowers students to pose and answer questions to develop conceptual understanding.


In our course, you will learn specific teaching strategies that guide you to use an inductive process to support students in coming up with their own understanding, using our Concept-Based Inquiry Model.


Rachel French and Carla Marschall will show you exactly how to adopt a Concept-Based Inquiry approach, using self-paced video modules, group and individual coaching, book study (you will get an e-book copy of our book!), group collaboration and hands-on lesson design.


If you are passionate about Concept-Based Inquiry and believe in your students as capable thinkers and inquisitive learners, and you are ready to take the next step, this course is for you.