Where Assessment Meets Thinking and Learning (5-Day Workshop)


Workshop Description


A symbiotic relationship exists between thinking, learning and criterion-based formative and summative assessment and evaluation. Criteria, void of thinking, result in little more than quantity statements and/or statements of subjective quality language. Neither stretches the learner in his performance, and the latter results in confusion and often a need for moderation. When a learner is provided with criteria but is not given the opportunity to develop deep knowledge and understanding of their elements through the infusion of the learning process, the criteria use is compromised, and the end result becomes so much less than it could be. It’s about the thinking process. It’s about the learning process. It’s about the relationship between assessment, thinking and learning.

Indeed – it’s where assessment meets thinking and learning!

Would you like to design criteria that embeds rigour and promotes the development of deep knowledge and deep understanding?

Would you like to design completely objective criteria that guarantees consistent judgments?

Would you like to create criteria that meets the personalised needs of your learners?

Would you like your learners to independently self-assess, evaluate, set, monitor, and prove goals against evidence?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this workshop is for you!

Learning Intentions

• develop your understanding of the 'critical characteristics of criteria'

• develop your understanding of content, skill, and process criteria as three distinctly different types of criteria

• develop your understanding of how to guide your learners in their independent use of criteria

• address and alleviate concerns /challenges associated with criteria use

• explore the relationship between brain research and criteria

• explore the relationship between thinking and learning, assessment, and evaluation

• develop your understanding of checklists, rubrics, and developmental progressions

• explore a process which guides learners toward the independent development of rigorous criteria


The power of student owned assessment and evaluation practices CANNOT be underestimated.  However, all criteria is not created equal.  When assessment meets thinking and learning, student learning will be transformed.


Target Audience: Zonal Directors, Cluster Superintendents, School Leaders, Heads of Department, Teacher Leaders, Instructional Coaches, Key Personnel, Teachers (K-12)

Benefits of Attending This Workshop:

Achieve desired practical learning outcomes

Have access to webinar resources

Enjoy live interaction with our presenter during the Q&A session

Have short limited access to post-webinar *video recording

Own an e-certificate of achievement

* All registered participants will be provided with the post-webinar workshop resources, including the video recording. Even if you could not attend the online session on the workshop day, you would still be able to review the recording at a later time!

Workshop Registration Details

Presenter: Ms Lane Clark

Date & Time: 28 Nov - 02 Dec 2022 (Mon-Fri), 8:30am to 11:30am SGT

Venue: Online

Registration Closing: 04 Nov 2022

Session Fee (nett per pax):

First 2 participants: S$650.00

Next 2 participants: **S$600.00

Subsequent participants: **S$550.00

Early Bird: Register by 29 Jul 2022 (incl.) for additional 10% discount

***Package Deal: Same participant who also registered for 'Where Thinking and Learning Meet' workshop on 30 May - 03 Jun & 06 - 07 Jun 2022 will be eligible for a further S$100.00 discount.


Please note:

**The discounted tier fee only applies to participants from the SAME organisation registering for the SAME session.

***Participants are encouraged to register for both 'Where Thinking and Learning Meet' and 'Where Assessment Meets Thinking and Learning' workshops as recommended by the presenter because they compliment each other.

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Withdrawal / No-Show
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