We offer a range of continuing professional development from one day to full consultancy packages for professional learning. By bringing experts in education into your school, you will benefit from outstanding training on whichever topic you need the most.
Offering training both nationally and internationally, in school training is the most effective way to get tailored training that really makes an impact.
School based training can also be the solution to any school working on a tight budget. Illumien Asia offers a range of excellent courses which can be tailored to suit the needs of your school and local schools who may wish to participate. By combining with local schools, you can still receive the same high-quality training, at a shared cost.
For more information on the range of courses, costs and presenters, as well as support with organising the day to ensure guaranteed outcomes which meet your needs, email admin@illumien.asia for more information.
Note: In view of the Covid-19 situation, all our workshops will be converted to online webinar sessions - fees are adjusted as well. We will only resume face-to-face workshops at a later period. Learning may be more challenging now than ever but it should not be deterred by external factors; we take control of our own learning. Illumien Asia will be accompanying you through the professional learning journey in finding alternative solutions to overcome our difficulties!
Illumien Asia works at the forefront of innovation in education providing pioneering, challenging and effective training solutions in teaching. We use the best and most renowned trainers to help teachers improve their ways of thinking and approaches to teaching.
Illumien Asia specialises in one-day to two-day workshops that are:
  • Fast paced
  • Packed with practical ideas to use immediately
  • Led by master trainers
  • Full of cutting edge knowledge 
  • Driven by proven pedagogical ideas

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