Whole Collaborative (CoL)/school review, visioning, strategic planning and policy development, enabling and empowering school and CoL leaders to lead change and transformation

curriculum review & development

Curriculum review and development - supporting lead teachers to develop, deliver and evaluate learning programmes, from early years, through primary and secondary

teacher inquiry

Teacher inquiry into practice - supporting teachers to strengthen practice for innovative learning environments – collaborative teaching, student agency, rich learning experiences, culturally responsive, universal design for learning, digital technologies.

Illumien Asia works with you to empower your community in the change process, encourage excellence and embrace the future of education. We work with our master trainers to offer courses and consultancy services in areas of teacher education, school middle management and higher leadership programmes.


We offer individualised approaches tailored to suit your learning setting and requirements.  Talk with us to see how we can help.


Together, we can push the boundaries of educational possibility.

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