Download Files for 21 June 2021 webinar
[Deep Thinking for Deep Learning]

We highly recommend that you download the files via the Dropbox link below in a more convenient way. However, if you experience difficulty accessing to Dropbox, alternatively, you may download the individual files below and save them under the respective titled folder names.

Main Folder: Deep Thinking for Deep Learning Singapore Workshop

[2 Sub-Folders]

          READ ME FIRST Deep Thinking for Deep Learning Delegate Letter 

Sub-Folder 1: Main DTDL

[5 Sub-Folders]


Sub-Folder 1a: About Depth



Sub-Folder 1b: About immersion Centres



Sub-Folder 1c: About Learning Centres

[1 Sub-Folder]

Sub-Folder 1c(i): Immersion and Learning Centre Cheat Sheet




Sub-Folder 1d: About the so what




Sub-Folder 1e: Info Processing System




Sub-Folder 2: Printing DTDL

[2 Sub-Folders]

Sub-Folder 2a: A3 Printing

Sub-Folder 2b: A4 Printing