Workshops by Kim Geddie

The Presenter: Kim Geddie

KIM GEDDIE is one of the nation's outstanding professional development consultants who has provided national and international customized training for Successful Connections, AEI Speakers Bureau, Staff Development for Educators, K-12 Teacher’s Alliance, Catapult Learning, Phi Delta Kappa, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, and national, state, regional, district, public and private organizations. She is a versatile and dynamic presenter who is committed to helping today's educators make key connections to improve instruction and to maximize student success.


Kim has been utilizing her experiences in education since 1988 to customize interactive professional development for specific needs and goals. She draws upon her experiences as a teacher of primary, intermediate, secondary and fine arts classes, and as an administrator for her practical presentations. Participants appreciate Kim's sense of humor and her realistic, proven solutions to the problems that challenge classroom teachers. Kim specializes in providing realistic strategies and activities that are high impact, low preparation, and effective in reaching all types of learners.


Some of the topics of her presentations include differentiated instruction, critical thinking, HOT (higher order questioning), improving critical thinking and questioning in the content areas, state standards, common core state standards, balancing DI and standardized assessments, standards-based grading, formative assessment & descriptive feedback, summative assessment and grading, assessment driven instruction, improving student attention focus and long term memory retention, engaging all learners, GRIT, making the move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, RQ4U: Reflective Questioning for Growth Mindset, CPR I: continuous improvement, persistence, resilience, initiative; literacy, reading and writing strategies across all content areas, specific types of writing (including opinion, argument, dialogic argumentation, narrative, informative/explanatory text) struggling readers, struggling writers (six traits, writing process, revision system focuses), vocabulary, problem solving and mathematics strategies, reaching all ESE students, specific focus on ADHD, gifted and talented, ESL and ELL learners, RTI strategies, interventions: implementation and increased success; 21st century learning, effective communication: conferencing, goal setting & reflection and conflict resolution; differentiated classroom management and discipline, positive classroom culture, bullying, personality and learning styles, teaming and co-teaching, organization strategies, reflective journaling, and improving the home-school partnership. She also presents keynotes to motivate and inspire each individual to reach his or her highest potential and to lead others to be the best they can be. Topic focuses include “From Ordinary to Extraordinary”, “Ignite Their Fire to Light Their Passion”, “Braving the Storm & Moving Mountains Together”, and more!


Kim was instrumental in helping teachers successfully align their curriculum in Texas with state standards when the standards-based approach and backwards design of curriculum originated. She has since presented extensively across the country and internationally in the Arctic in Canada, Quebec, Panama, London, Virgin Islands, and across the United States customizing professional development to help organizations implement their state standards and common core state standards. She has co-authored two books. Her most recent book RQ4U: Reflective Questioning and Growth Mindset 4U is a practical guide to training students to set goals, reflect and improve in the growth mindset traits. Her first book The Write Connection: A Differentiated Approach to Writing integrates the writing process, six traits of writing, and a standards-based approach to teaching writing standards. Kim continues to help individuals, teams and organizations become motivated, re-energized and reach their highest level of productivity and achievement.

Choose to attend any or all of the workshop days and focus on the goals of your selected day(s)
knowing that each session is full of practical and proven strategies and can stand alone
independent of the others, or work together to provide a deep, comprehensive training of
visible learning and differentiated instruction. You can even bring the training to your school for
school-based sessions to implement continuous, sustained professional development that can
be customized to ensure successful attainment of your school goals.

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May 27, 2018

Visible Learning: Focusing on Literacy Across Content Areas

May 29, 2018

Visible Learning: Designing Intentional Classroom Experiences to Maximize Student Learning

May 30, 2018

Differentiated Instruction: Establishing an Understanding, Growth Mindset, and Environment for Effective Differentiation

May 31, 2018

Differentiation Instruction: Connecting Differentiated Assessment, Instruction & 21st Century Thinking & Questioning

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