Workshops by Peter DeWitt

The Presenter: Peter DeWitt

Peter DeWitt (Ed.D) is a former K-5 teacher (11 years) and principal (8 years). He runs workshops and provides keynotes nationally and internationally focusing on leadership, coaching and fostering inclusive school climates.  Within North America, his work has been adopted at the university and state level, and he works with numerous districts, school boards, regional and state organizations where he trains leadership teams and coaches building leaders.

Peter is the author of several books including Collaborative Leadership: 6 Influences That Matter Most (Corwin Press/Learning Forward) and School Climate: Leading with Collective Efficacy (Corwin Press/Ontario Principals Council. 2017), Coach It Further: Using the Art of Coaching to Improve School Leadership (Corwin Press. 2018), and Instructional Leadership: Creating Practice Out Of Theory (Corwin Press. 2019). 

DeWitt has a team of consultants, school leaders and coaches who train educators on collaborative leadership, school coaching, as well as a specific focus on instructional leadership.


His articles have appeared in education journals at the state, national and international level, and he has presented at forums, conferences, and panel discussions at state, national and international conferences. Some of the highlights has been to present for the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP), ASCD and NBC's Education Nation.

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"Collaborative Leadership brings together the essence of how leaders maximize impact. DeWitt unpacks Hattie’s six leadership keys, adds his own considerable insights and makes the whole phenomenon of efficacious leadership come alive with vignettes, and ‘meet, model, and motivate’ ideas in each chapter. Above all, he makes it personal. Be a better leader, he urges, and then shows the way." Michael Fullan

"Peter DeWitt is one of the brightest minds in education.  His insights are relevant and current. There is no one I would rather read in the field of education today." Todd Whitaker

"Peter is among the best communicators. See his Ed Week blog for evidence of this." John Hattie

Collaborative Leadership: 6 Influences That Matter Most

Whether we are teacher leaders, instructional coaches or school leaders there needs to be a focus on student, as well as, adult learning and impact. Collaborative leadership: 6 Influences That Matter Most focuses on how leaders can use 6 of John Hattie’s high effect influences on learning to foster growth in their teachers and put the focus on learning for students.

Instructional Leadership: Creating Practice From Theory

Leaders are often told they need to be instructional leaders because this type of leadership is supported by research, and can have an enormous impact on student learning. Although instructional leadership is one of the most researched forms of leadership, very little practical insight into how to implement it exists, and many leaders struggle to put it into practice. Peter DeWitt, Ed.D. will take the research behind instructional leadership, and dive deeper into six areas that he found is crucial to practices that lead to instructional leadership.

Coach It Further: Using the Art of Coaching to Improve School Leadership

Too often leaders are being asked to be instructional leaders, but many either do not know what that means exactly, or they are unclear where to begin. Building leaders were once thought of us managers, so this idea of instructional leadership can be complex. In this presentation, Peter DeWitt focuses on how all methods of coaching can help leaders focus on six specific areas of instructional leadership, and learn how to build collective efficacy among staff to build a more collaborative community.

School Climate: Leading with Collective Efficacy

School climate is a multi-layered topic. It involves all of the complexities of meeting the academic and social-emotional needs of students, as well as how to get the adults in the school to focus on both. In this presentation, Peter DeWitt. Ed.D. will cover topics such as self-efficacy, collective efficacy, surface to deep level learning, trauma, marginalized populations, and how leaders can create a space where all of those issues cannot just be solved, but how the potential of all students can be maximized. 

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