Workshops by Ralph Pirozzo

The Presenter: Ralph Pirozzo

Ralph was extremely fortunate to complete his high school and university education at three outstanding educational facilities, that is Riverdale Collegiate Institute, the University of Toronto and Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada.

Coming from a financially impoverished background, his efforts at completing a university degree would have been impossible without the overwhelming support received from his sister Emma and brother-in-law Tony.

His Canadian training imbued Ralph with a deep commitment to fairness and a passion to provide the most engaging & challenging learning environment to every single student in our classrooms. Without a doubt, Ralph left university ready to move mountains and to change the world!


Ralph has shown this passion & commitment in the various teaching and administrative positions that he has held in both Australia and Canada: Instructor, Teacher, Head of Remedial Education, Head of Science, Regional G & T Consultant, Head of Curriculum, Director of Development and Managing Director.


In March 1997, Ralph founded Promoting Learning International as a totally independent educational consultancy so that he could devote his time, energy and passion to the enhancement of children’s learning anywhere in the world. To date, he has worked with more than 1000 schools and with more than 20000 primary and secondary teachers in Australia, Canada, China, New Zealand, Singapore and the UK.


His willingness to go anywhere in the world to support teachers in engaging children in their learning has seen Ralph travelling to remote Aboriginal schools across Australia, to a British primary school in Blackpool, to a large teaching centre in Beijing, to a very large high school in Brisbane, to many central schools in NSW, to a large primary school in Margaret River (Western Australia) and to many Te Reo Maori schools in New Zealand.


Testament to Ralph’s long term commitment to supporting teachers in their educational journey can be seen by the fact that he provides every teacher attending his various workshops with a complimentary copy of:

  • Manual (80 pages)

  • 48 & 56 Matrices

  • Multiple Intelligences Test

  • Thinking Skills Test

  • Mathematics Diagnostic Test

  • 17 Learning Contracts

  • A sample of units to be selected from a pool of more than 1200 units and

  • On-going support at absolutely NO cost to teachers and/or their schools/colleges


Ralph’s consultancy work would have been impossible without the tremendous support and encouragement that he receives from his wife Sandi and son Adam.


NB. Since the commencement of his consultancy, Ralph has had the enormous pleasure of working with a large number of very committed and creative teachers who have contributed their expertise in developing in excess of 1200 units. For this, Ralph is forever grateful to them.

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