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Dr. Anthony J. “Sonny” Magana III is an online learning pioneer. In 1995 Sonny created and served as principal of Washington State’s first CyberSchool—which is still serving the needs of students. He is an Oxford Research Scholar, award-winning teacher, and best-selling author. Sonny’s latest book, Disruptive Classroom Technologies introduced the T3 Framework as a next generation learning model for a new era. Synthesized from four decades of pioneering research, the T3 strategies were shown to reliably accelerate learning productivity and have been called: “A brilliant breakthrough in our understanding and use of technology for learning,” by Professor Michael Fullan “A visionary work that is insightful and inspirational,” by Dr. Robert Marzano; and, “A major step forward! Dr. Magana’s T3 Challenge is credible, powerful, and exciting; let’s do it!” by Professor John Hattie.

An avid musician, yoga practitioner, and mountaineer, Sonny was awarded the Milken Family Foundation Educator Award, the inaugural Washington Governor’s Commendation for Educational Excellence, the EdTech Digest Global Education Leadership Award, and was named one of their top influencers in education. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Stockton University, a Master of Education degree from City University, and an Administrative Credential and Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Seattle University. He has successfully summited the highest peaks in his home state of Washington.

Rave Reviews:

"The effects of Information & Communications Technology (ICT) remain too low and understanding the “why” it is so low is critical. Dr. Sonny Magana has advanced our understanding of the Visible Learning and used this to advance a major step forward. His T3 Framework aligns beautifully with the Visible Learning claims, inviting ICT to move beyond the translational (surface), to also incorporate the transformation (deep), and the transcendent (transfer). To thence use ICT in these powerful ways will require a revolution—asking teachers to reduce their emphasis on the “Tell and Practice” model and inviting and teaching students to be more involved in planning, teaching each other, and evaluating their impact on the three levels of learning. The T3 Challenge is a powerful, credible, and exciting challenge that Magana has offered us: Let’s do it!"

—  John Hattie, Laureate Professor, Deputy Dean of MGSE,

Director of the Melbourne Education Research Institute

Melbourne Graduate School of Education

University of Melbourne

"Dr. Sonny Magana is a visionary leader regarding what education can be if we truly embrace the potential of technology. Unfortunately, the bright promise of technology is still in the distance, somewhere on the horizon. If one views schools and schooling through the lens of Magana’s T3 Framework, though, that horizon can become clearer, more attainable, and more inspirational."

—Robert J. Marzano, Ph.D., Chief Academic Officer 
Marzano Research

"Fresh, innovative, and revolutionary, Magana's T3 Framework promises to challenge the status quo and invite disruptive practices in educational technology. Enhancing social entrepreneurship with technology, as the final stage of Magana’s framework for technology use in education, is a powerful proposal and a compelling vision worth pursuing by all educators."

—Yong Zhao, Ph.D., Foundation Distinguished Professor
University of Kansas

"The T3 Framework is a brilliant breakthrough in our understanding and use of technology for learning. Sonny Magana clearly portrays the nature and difference between translational, transformational, and transcendent use of technology. The identification of transcendent use is itself an innovation. On top of all this he shows us how to navigate through the T3 system with guiding questions, prompts, and rubrics. For those of us working on the frontier of deep learning Disruptive Classroom Technologies, and the T3 Framework is a much-needed gift."

—Michael Fullan, Professor Emeritus

OISE/University of Toronto

Toronto, Canada

“Cyber Lab was so engaging right from the start! I loved that we practiced everything we were taught; I love that I took practical knowledge away that I can utilize in my classroom!”

— Sarah Godfrey

Early Elementary Teacher, West Branch Rose City Schools

“By far this was the best PD ever! The experience was fantastic, and I’m excited to apply the T3 EduProtocols in my online classroom! If every teacher enrolls in Cyber Lab we can transform education!”

— Marina Hendrickson
French and Inquiry Design Teacher, Stockton Unified School District

"This was hands down one of the best PD sessions I’ve ever been to!  It had a variety of resources that were filled with researched-based effective practices. Thank you for making it highly engaging and so worthwhile."


— Jennifer Calderon

Assistant Principal, Hesperia Unified School District

“Serving as an international Schools Superintendent, I have had the pleasure of implementing innovative programs to benefit students in schools all around the world. When I heard that Dr. Sonny Magana developed his T3 Framework, I immediately felt that this work would be exceedingly beneficial to our students and staff at the American International School in Lagos, Nigeria. Even so, I could not have anticipated the outstanding results that we have seen. The survey results measuring our success indicators were simply off the charts.

Our teachers were at first reluctant to even use technology, let alone edtech tools to accelerate learning. But with Dr. Magana’s patient and expert guidance, our staff quickly gained the confidence and competence needed reach the highest levels of and implementation of technology in classroom lessons. The results were outstanding.


The T3 Framework is not about teaching how to use technology. We’ve done that. It hasn’t worked. The T3 Framework works because it’s about learning how to utilize the technology you have in a meaningful and authentic ways to enhance instruction and student learning. From students finding meaningful wicked problems to investigate, to becoming social entrepreneurship focused on improving their world, the T3 Framework will help guide your staff to implementing technology into their teaching in ways that will greatly benefit student learning.”

— Greg Rayl
Superintendent, American International School Lagos, Nigeria

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T3 CyberTeacher Labs (3-Day Online Course)

Date/Time: 25-27 May 2022 (Wed-Fri), 9:00am to 11:00am SGT (GMT+8hr)

Venue: Online via Zoom


The Cyber Learning Lab is a series of three highly interactive experiential online workshops designed and facilitated by Dr. Magana. The T3 CyberTeacher Lab will accelerate teachers’ ability to implement T3 strategies and increase student learning and wellbeing in-person, online, and hybrid learning environments. Participants will also gain access to the online T3 Academy of self-paced learning modules, resources, and tools.

The Highly Contributive & Engaged Classroom

Date/Time: 23-24 June 2022 (Thu-Fri), 9:00am to 11:00am SGT (GMT+8hr)

Venue: Online


The Highly Contributive & Engaged Classroom is a series of two highly interactive experiential online workshops designed and facilitated by Dr. Magana. These workshops will accelerate teachers’ and leaders’ ability to measurably improve students’ attention, engagement, and contribution to the learning and wellbeing of their classmates. Participants will also gain access to concrete strategies and digital tools and resources to successfully implement the three pillars of contributive learning theory in in-person, online, and hybrid learning environments.